Monday, April 17, 2006

What will be...

This week could go so many different ways...It's hard to know how to plan for it. Today at 3:00 I fly to San Francisco to do the Intel gig. I fly back tomorrow at 10 pm. (That much we know for sure.)

A few days ago I audutioned for what amounts to a traveling improv team. It's part of a Hampton Inn promotion and may also include national commercial spots. They auditioned improv actors in LA, NY and Chicago. They called to say that I was in the top ten from LA and of the top 30 overall. They will be selecting 14 to fly to Chicago Wednesday for the final callback. They will be deciding tomorrow, so I won't know if I'm going until a few hours before the plane leaves.

Once there, if I make it there, they will cut the 14 down to 8 who will be contracted and immediately go into shooting commercial spots. It would involve about six weeks of travel this summer...and I'm not honestly sure if I really want to be gone that long. They have only said that it "pays well" which could mean anything.

If it comes to that we will be needing a lot of discernment to walk through the decision process in a short amount of time.

I'll post when I hear from them.

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