Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Things...

Debbie and the boys get back tomorrow morning. Bachelorhood is overrated. It will be nice to be back together again. My buddy Gregg Stokes has come through yet again...I will be doing my third project for his company next week. I fly to San Francisco Monday to do a "man on the street" video for Intel. Looks like fun. I also found out today that I am on avail for a project in Las Vegas next week. Good things.

Being a loner this week I was able to watch two movies, both of which were great. I saw Walk the Line on video a few days ago. Also, I saw Thank You for Smoking at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood before my Cold Reading Class a few nights back. It was very witty and well done. I liked it a lot. Now I'm going to watch Good Night and Good Luck.

So...Good Night. And, Good Luck.

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