Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The auditon went well today. I was there over an was much like the first two times. The producer remembered me. Ashton was there for the first part and then left. He had a beard not unlike one the others on Lost.

I certainly did well enough to get the part, now it's just whether they want me and whether I am available.

I leave in a few hours to go to the Hampton Inn near LAX. Three full days of training in Beverly Hills and then a few days off before the tour starts June 1.


Greg said...

Hey Joe, you mentioned a while back that you'd be on the Hampton website? Am I making that up? :-) I have poked around a bit... nothing up yet. Just wondered if you had a link or something.

Ramon said...

Congratulations, again, my friend.

On a side: if there is any possibility of room hook-up, you let me know ;-)