Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Today I am halfway to 70. I spent my 35th birthday in an all-day staff meeting at The Vineyard, then teaching at midweek. I'm exhausted. We had our meeting in the new Student Union building. I played basketball with the very tall Micah Odor. It was half court and low impact, which is why I would never admit that I am a little sore right now. It's not like I'm in my mid-thirties or anything. Crap. I'm getting old.


Helen Ann said...

OLD? I'll be 37 next month! I don't wanna hear it, young whippersnapper!


LTorres said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Sherry said...

you are only as old as you feel and admitt to. :B

And why to we even need to keep track of birthdays after 35 anyway? Every day we wake up should be a day to celebrate!

Micah said...

I felt like I did ok in that game, considering that I was playing against a guy offered a college scholarship for basketball.