Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Power of a Deadline

I just hit 91 pages on my script. That would be 91 minutes...and that would be a legit feature film. I still need to write 9 more pages by tomorrow at midnight to be an official winner at www.scriptfrenzy.org, but I'm amazed at how just committing to write an entire script in one month motivated me to do so. I'm great at starting big creative projects, but struggle with following through. It's going to need hours of editing and reworking, but the first draft will be completely done by tomorrow night. I'm also a little surprised at the amount of time it took me - probably about 20-25 hours total. I just wrote a few nights per week after the kids went to sleep.

I'm off to try to find the ending of the story before gathering at VCC at 7:00 for the improv workshop...

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Wayne said...

I normally would say Joe that I think you got way too much time but I would not say that .... looking forward to seeing how it goes. And if you need a character actor who works cheap you know who to call. God bless - love reading your posts. Miss you down here in SoCal but God has you placed where you need to be. Keep moving on love what you are doing - Signed Undadabus