Saturday, April 26, 2008

Once Again...

There are certain things you shouldn't t take for soaking in Michael Jordan when he played in the NBA or Tiger Woods playing golf today. We'll be telling our grandchildren how great they were when they try to convince us that whoever is playing basketball or golf in the future is the best ever.

SNL has been male dominated since day one. Sure, there have been a few female greats - Gilda hands down. Amy Poehler is very funny in my opinion. I loved the years with Molly, Cheri and Ana. But, Kristin Wiig is consistently brilliant. If you don't watch SNL anymore because you have heard people say that it's not what it used to be then shame on you. You're missing the coming of age of the female Tiger Woods of sketch comedy. Shame, shame on you.


Mandy Grisham said...

She is great. My favorite is the sketch with Peyton Manning at the party...what a character!

bshawise said...

I just watched this episode last night actually and thought the same thing. Her bit as Jamie Lee Curtis was fantastic as well. She can make her chin quiver for the love of peat. The clip you posted takes multiple views to truly appreciate and catch its brilliance.

My mom's invisible.

Helen Ann said...

I won't be shamed...I tried much longer than I should have to hang in there with SNL after it started to be crap. IMHO Chris Katan was the last great comedian on there and in his days it was already sliding into lame-o monotony.

That said, I will give credit where it's due and in recent months I tuned in to find it to be in an upswing...Though it quickly went from cerebral to filthy and I turned it off.

Sigh...I long for the good old days. Gilda and the gang, Phil Hartman, Dana, Mike, etc...Not sure it will ever be the same...

Annie Michael Murphy said...

I invented invisibility. And Jamie Lee Curtis is my daughter.

steve-o said...

I've loved SNL ever since I was old enough to finally stay up and watch it. It has definitely had it's ups and downs, but there are a lot of pieces of this cast that are excellent, and Kristin is chief among them.

I have a feeling Amy will be gone soon and I haven't quite clicked with the new woman who replaced Maya. They might need to scramble during the summer for a few more ladies.

And while I'm venting, I liked Seth Myers a lot better before he was the head writer. I prefer him in sketches as opposed to the news.

ylmurph said...

gotta comment on the comments - first of all - my favorite?
Annie Michael Murphy - she's very funny

Helen Ann - um...gosh, I don't really know you but...Chris Katan? I'm going to write this off as if someone just said, "Oh that's Helen Ann, she's very sarcastic and she was just goofin on the little fella"

Bshawwise - great ending to a solid comment (and a nice set up for AMM)

Steve-O - I'm with you on the new girl, but I hear that it takes time for everybody. It took Eddie Murphy over a year to get on a sketch.

Mandy - oh Mandy

Honestly I just wanted to be that guy that leaves a longer comment than the original post.

I've been doing this ever since my mom, Jamie Lee Curtis created blogger.

Helen Ann said...

LOL! Yes, Murph - I like Chris Katan. He's better than some of the other folks I have seen on there of late...Is he Phil or Gilda or even Dana? Far from it - but he has a certain goofiness that I like. C'mon! He was MANGO!