Sunday, August 03, 2008


Stuck in the Cleveland Airport - three hours delayed for my flight home. Yes, that means I could have driven faster. But if I had driven, would Continental Airlines be paying for my dinner at Max & Erma's right now? No.
That said, I need to get back to Dayton so that I can drive home and drive my family back to Dayton to get on another airplane. Well, Sean is driving us to Dayton, but you get the idea. Mickey awaits. Then a flight to KC next week. Then the flight back home the following week. This may not be the only extended stay in an airport this month for me.

I enjoyed my time with the good folks at Fellowship Bible today. Last night, I had to kill a few hours, so I found a community theater in Chagrin Falls. I caught their last performance of Urine Town, a musical I've wanted to see for a while. It was fun. Three of the leading actors were great. The dancing was painful in parts, but for community theater it was good and a nice little find. Downtown Chagrin Falls is actually quite beautiful and retro-urban-trendy. It reminded me somewhat of Laguna Beach...which is really odd since it's in northern Ohio. The downtown is actually built around a waterfall...pretty cool:


Mberenis said...
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The Bass Player's Wife said...

Oh, I love Chagrin Falls!

My in-laws used to live in Twinsburg, and we spent most of our visits to their home wandering around Chagrin Falls. I can almost talk my husband into heading there after we leave Vegas.

Amanda said...

I'm moving to chagrin falls this week...but I've never been there. It's great to hear that it's not completely lame! And i'm definitely going to check out that church :)

The Zone of Zakness said...

there's a community theater in loveland. i've seen a couple of plays there (the king and i & seussical). not too bad.