Thursday, August 07, 2008

The good and the bad.

Vacation is in full swing. Two days at Disney down. We spent yesterday at EPCOT. Good times. Fun in a kinda nerdy favorite park by far.

However, I write to you from my bed at the fabulous Port Orleans Resort. Alas, not all is well in the Magic Kingdom. At least, not everyone is well. I have a terrible cold or flu or something. I sneezed about a thousand times yesterday and went through a few Kleen-ex mini-packs. Breathing is a chore today and the coughing has started. I haven't been sick like this for three or four years. I've been a trooper though. You'd all be proud of me.

Debbie and the kids are at the water park for a few hours now while I recoop. This afternoon I'll rejoin the family fun for the Animal Park. The kids are showing a few early signs of the plague as well, so hopefully they can fight it off.

Favorite things so far: Soarin' and Test Track at Epcot and the crazy vegetables they grow in The Land exhibit. I also strangely enjoyed my tuna sandwich at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney.


Sarah said...

Disney is so much fun! My family will be visiting in a few weeks. I am also a fan of Epcot and never tire of walking around the pond "through the countries." Soarin is AWESOME! :) Can't wait to hear more stories!

Peggy Murphy said...

God Bless You...45 case you continue the sneezes.