Monday, August 11, 2008

Leaving Las Disney

Tomorrow we pack our bags and head to KC to visit my mom and dad. The first half of our vacation was great. I could easily go to a cynical place regarding the Disney Empire, and maybe I will here in a few weeks, but my kids (and wife) have had a wonderful time. (OK, I have had fun too.) My kids will remember this week for the rest of their lives. We were here for six days and maybe saw half of all there is to see. Over forty square miles of magical-ness. I think we'll come back...but not next year.

I'm more or less over my illness and the last two days were much happier for me than the early sick days...

Talk to ya'll in Kansas.

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Peggy Murphy said...

So, in a few hours, you will be clicking your heels together and saying, mantra-style, "there's no place like home, " " " " " ..