Thursday, February 12, 2009

Facebook Bible Study Launching

I mentioned a while ago that I would be leading a Facebook Bible Study. I've decided to teach a six-week study on Matthew 5-7 with an emphasis on the Kingdom of God and the visionary ideals of Jesus. It will correspond with Lent, beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25 and concluding the week of Easter. It may be a rough technical ride at first, but we will get the bugs worked out as we go.

If you want to join, you'll need to join facebook if you haven't yet. Then ask to become friends with BIBLE STUDY at this link: FB Bible Study

Here is the covenant you will be asked to agree to if you sign on:

The FB Bible Study Covenant:

1. We understand that the study is facilitated by a Christian, thus making the study unavoidably biased toward a confessional Christian worldview.

2. Having that understanding, we welcome anyone of any faith or tradition (Christian or non-Christian) to participate.

3. We come from every imaginable religious and spiritual background and desire to study the same Scriptures at the same time because we desire unity and mutual respect. We vow to respect everyone, even those with whom we disagree.

4. We vow to be completely civilized - among other things, this means no harsh or course language on the wall, no proselytizing toward our own faith, church or opinion, and no mean spirited interactions. There are plenty of places on the web for that. This just isn't one of them.

5. We agree that each study will be taught by a qualified Christian teacher/spiritual director. Joining the study is a vow to submit to and learn from the director; and, to do the work he or she assigns. (Think of it like taking a college class without the fees.) The primary covenantal relationship entered is between student and teacher. Each study has one and only one teacher. This is a learning environment, not simply a discussion group.

6. We agree that anyone may voluntarily leave a study or the group at anytime without shame.

7. We expect approximately 1-3 hours/week of independent guided study. We commit to the work and will voluntarily drop the study if we cannot make time for it.


jasondscott said...

Great stuff! Looking foward to it.

It's all about the Kingdom

steven hamilton said...

freaking brilliant! i'm in...i'll join this evening!

eaglegirl said...

Am very interested, but concerned about the 1-3 hours homework.
Could you give more details ?