Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Improvable Situations

The Q City players have three shows in February. Two Valentines Day Eve shows (6 pm and 7:30 pm) on Friday, Feb. 13 at Riley's Restaurant in beautiful Springdale, Ohio. Seating is limited and a fancy dinner is included in the price of the tickets. You must reserve seats in advance by calling Riley's at 513-771-3361. TIx are 25 bones.

For those of you who like your improv cheaper with no fixings, we have a show Friday, Feb. 20. I just got word that the venue is changing for that show, so I'll keep you posted.

You've been warned.


j steg said...

the first show at Riley's was great

M. said...

Hi there fans of Joe and the QCP! Missy here!

Just wanted to tell you that as of about an hour ago there's been a change of plans. The show for the 20th is STILL ON, we just won't be at the Ballet Tech space. We'll let you know where we will be.

Thanks for following us wherever we go! We wouldn't be here without you!