Monday, February 16, 2009

Hit the RESET button on Jesus.

I'm very excited about the journey that everyone at VCC will be going on over the next six weeks. We will be studying Jesus and fearlessly looking beyond our personal and cultural preconceptions of who he was (and is) and what his agenda was (and is). THe learning process will be threefold: 1.) Teaching in the weekend Celebrations, 2.) Going through a daily study guide which everyone will receive this weekend, and 3.) Meeting together in a weekly Reset small group.

We are doing this along with about fifty partner churches in the tri-state area. That may be the most exciting part...a little taste of practical unity in a typically compartmentalized world.

If you are in the Cincinnati Metro and would like to jump on board, check out the information on joining a group here.

Here's a little video teaser of what the journey will be like:


Dyah said...

Joe, a question.

Who said this:
" Jesus came to show us you can't confine God in a text. You can't confine God in a building.
You Can't confine God.
and particularly the mission of God.
The work of God.
The Love of God,
in a staid, stagnant, complacent way of living."

Just want to make sure to give credit to the right person.

Sarah Grether said...

Wow, this sure makes me wish I lived in your area! Best of luck with this program. If you have an links to resources you are using, I'd love to read through them.


Adamgv said...
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bshawise said...

i don't want to get your readers too excited, joe... but we just shot a video with an original nintendo for reset.

Joe said...


I am not sure who the priest was in the interview. This video was made by Crossroads. I'll post his name here when I get it...