Friday, June 05, 2009


Just posted this on twitter and facebook. Looking for your thoughts:

what are the real american idols? what do we ultimately respect, honor, trust? who/what completely controls our lives? - what do we trust?


Just Vegas said...

My idol is politics/social justice, my identity lies within my particular causes. Still struggling with this after identifying it during Reset.

Scott and Jess said...

Time... and how we fill it. We are so susceptible to overloading our calendars and are often are at the mercy of them... reluctantly, bowing to them ~ squeezing out time to be in real community with each other. I fight this fiercely as the calendar master of my home!

Ryan Squire said...

America is our American Idol. Or money but often those go hand in hand. We are the greatest country in the world because we are a capitalist nation. and a Christian nation. The greatest country in the world. i.e. better than those other people

workinprogress said...

In my humble opinion... Ourselves. Each one of us thinks we have it figured out more than the other guy. We pick and choose what we like and dislike about others, religion, the trinity and create a sorta weird mixture. We idolize our own thoughts and feelings. think about it - why else would we get so out of whack over where others go to church (even if it is a God-fearing church who is living out the example of Christ); or 20 years after you've graduated you still get joy out of the rival hs losing the state championship; why are there Bridezillas?
We think we're the shiznit.

photogr said...

My real idols were probably some of my techers in school that challenged me in my quest to gain a high level education. My Dad is another that I didn't learn to appreicate till I was an adult.

I ultimately respect my country, it's fore fathers, and it's flag but not it's government. Too much corruption in high places.

I honor our military troops due to their bravery and following orders with out question even if it means their lives.

I trust the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit but no one else out side of the immediate family.

I let God control my life. At least that is what I think he is doing.

I trust in the Bible prophesy as what is in the future to come