Sunday, April 20, 2003


Nothing shows me that my life has changed like Easter weekend. This used to be the busiest, most exhausting weekend of the year when I was in big church world. Not so much anymore. Tomorrow I will sleep in until eight or nine and then go and study for a few hours. At 2:00 my house church is meeting at a park for lunch, and then we are having a short Apex service at 6:00, which I will be speaking at.

I find myself, as often is the case, very excited about my new life, while somewhat missing the old. I'll miss the rush of thousands of people gathering together for church. I'll miss the high of hundreds of people working together for a common goal. I'll miss the show. But I intend on not missing Jesus this year. I'll be looking for him tomorrow. Rumor is, he's still alive!

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