Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Life Goes On...

I must admit that I have had very little to say in the old blog of late. Things are going well. Its been a few weeks since I've had any major thoughts worth sharing with the world. The Apex Gathering has moved to a new place that feels very good. We are taking almost 50 people to Long Beach this weekend for a Greenhouse Retreat. I've been spending most of my free time rehersing for the Saga shows next week. Tomorrow is the dress rehersal. Looks like we are coming up on 500 tickets sold.

Our house is set to close May 29. The Parkers still need to sell their house, so please be praying about that.

I start level two of Improv Classes next Monday through Second City. Most of my classmates will be moving on, so it will be cool to continue to hang with them.

I turn 30 on April 9.

I started reading Joseph Smith today...

This concudes my meaningless fact sharing.

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