Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Nothing Too Profound

Today was the last class of level two in my Improv. training with Second City. Phase three will begin in mid-June. I'm still really enjoying the process and the people. This year has been remarkably joyful and meaningful in virtually every area of my life. I have just started to get very excited about the new house that will be finished May 28. Everything is a go.

I'm taking a workshop on Comedy writing with Mike Lukas who is a stand-up comedian who used to be a part of SC here in Vegas. All of us Saga-types have been working hard on our Comedy Show which will likely be August 22 and 29. So its all about being funny in Joe's life right now. Which is cool for me, but rather frustrating to my wife at times.

Apex feels right. I was overwhelmed with love for everyone at the Gathering this week. We are all praying for God to send some people to us who are as screwed up as we were when we found Apex. It feels like we are finally ready to grow again...

Who knows where we will end up, but the journey has been amazing of late.

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