Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I've never really worried much about money for two reasons: 1.) I really don't seem to desire lots of expensive things in my life and 2.) I've always had a steady job that paid me enough to not have to worry about having the stuff that I do like (namely a house, a car, copious amounts of coffee and a few trips to IHOP every week.)

This year I have thought about money more than I care to admit. Many of you know that I am preparing to cut my hours with Apex in an effort to pursue acting and storytelling vocationally. It has made me realize that I am probably going to make a lot less money or a lot more money than I would have had I been content to work within the church system my whole life. I was on the fast track to 45k/year until Jesus comes back, but not anymore. Most actors work their tails off to make half that. Some actors make ridiculous amounts of money...I don't know which option worries me more.

I just want to continue be faithful. I want to continue to live within a Kingdom ecomonic. And I want to make the car payment this month and still be able to fork over some bills for Eli and Aidan to step into some pancakes this weekend. These are my financial goals.

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