Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Write me blog, you're the piano man...

Last night my household rented The Pianist. It was pretty much what I expected out of an Academy Award winning movie about the holocaust...painful. It was a great movie and Adrien Brody deserved his award. I hate holocaust movies though. Here are my thoughts the day after:

1. Hitler was a really bad man. I mean, come on, dude was evil.

2. The Pope is cool. (The movie is set in Warsaw where Karol Wojtilla, our current Pope, helped lead the underground movement to protect the Jews back when he was a priest. He's not in the movie, but I thought of him often.)

3. Somebody right now is going through the exact same amount of pain for political reasons beyond thier control as the Jews did. (Think Iraq, the Sudan, parts of SE Asia.)

4. WW II is so modern to feel so far away. 60 years ago the western world was heartlessly killing people for their heritage. This wasn't the time of Hannibal and Caesar...this was the time of Katherine Hepburn and Joe Dimaggio.

5. The Jews must really be God's people because historically they have been as mistreated as God himself.

6. The Jews have always desired a home, but have always been wanderers.

7. Being free means being free to create.

8. Historically speaking, every generation should expect unimaginable evil. It's a pattern.

9. I'll never know if I'm really a pacifist until someone tries to kill me or the people I love.

10. Adrien Brody's nose is out of control. It makes Owen Wilson look normal.

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