Saturday, August 14, 2004

The 50 Most Influencial People of my Life

I had this idea coming home from work tonight. Please don't be offended if you find yourself or don't find yourself on the list. This isn't a list of the people I like the most...I've just been asking, Who made me into the person I am? I'll just list people as they come to me and we'll see what happens.

1. Danny Boyd, my father

2. Sandy Boyd, my mother

3. Debbie Boyd, my wife of nearly ten years!

4. Eli Boyd, my son

5. Aidan Boyd, my son

6. Greg Hubbard, my friend and partner in making a difference

7. Doug Parks, my friend and balancer

8. Chris "Ernie" Caldwell, my friend and the most accepting person in my life

9. Dallas Willard, an author who changed who Jesus was to me.

10. Kevin Odor, my pastor

11. Mark Elwood, my high school teacher who taught me how to tell stories

12. Phil Webster, my friend and this kid who made me think too much

13. Rich Mullins, his music and constant presence in my life secretly shaped me

14. Ryan Hayden, the first person cooler than me to accept me...and he wasn't really that cool

15. David Colbert, my brother-in-law, friend, and example of strength

16. John Cantrell, my first best friend

17. Mrs. Welsh, my Kindergarten teacher

18. Keith Colbert, my father-in-law

19. Becky Colbert, my mother-in-law

20. Katie Worden, my first friend to die...I miss her more than I let on.

21. Donald E. Miller II, my friend and one of the few people I always feel comfortable with

22. Lisa Lewis, my friend who seems to always understand me

23. Kevin Rains, my friend and forerunner

24. Mike Steele, my friend who cries for me

25. St. Francis of Assisi, you should feel pretty honored if you made it ahead of him!

26. Doug Citizen, my friend who taught me how to be and not do

27. Heidi Stokes, my friend who sees the core of me

28. Jim Nyberg, my friend whom God has connected to me

29. Jeremy Ohl, my passionate mystic friend

30. Fred Rogers, PBS TV personality who taught me how to behave

31. Henri Nouwen, author who taught me about God

32. Trevor Tolly, friend who loved me when I was hard to love

33. Bill Hybels, pastor who inspired me to start Apex

34. Brian "Lumpy" Rutherford, in a parallel universe we are best friends-too many miles

35. Emily Ackley, Ernie's grandmother...I miss her

36. Scott Hennig, my friend who has taught me the power of love and stability

37. Jon Dale, God used him to call me out of vocational ministry

38. Gerald Gordon, my current acting coach

39. Steve Haxton, my friend and high school Sunday School teacher

40. Marshall Hayden, my minister at my home church

41. Bonnie Maddox, my grandmother

42. Clifford Maddox, my grandfather

43. Tommy Peterson, my friend and the one who reminds me of who I am

44. Barbara Lauren, my friend who cast me in Tony n Tina's wedding

45. Sean Critchfield, my friend who gets me all excited

46. Kenny Parker, my friend who reaches out to me

47. Mo Andrieu, my friend who takes risks

48 Dave Carder, my friend who says things will happen and then they do

49. Wayne Jacobson, my friend who changed my community

50. Jim Sullivan, my friend whom I most want to be and not be at the same time

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