Thursday, August 12, 2004


Things I do that I didn't used to do:

1. Take my shirt off in public. (but only six nights per week in front of 250 strangers.)

2. Sign autographs. It's weird.

3. Answer all calls from unknown numbers. (It might be a director, casting agent, etc.)

4. Eat chicken....sometimes. I'm trying to ease back into meat to raise my iron.

5. Kiss people. I kiss lots of people on the and women. Too many Italians in my life.

6. Read Entertainment Weekly as if it were Forbes and I was a CEO.

7. Hold the title to my Montero. Paid it off last week.

8. Live in Summerlin. I always kinda wanted to.

9. Eat Sushi. Had a nice Spicy Tuna roll for dinner.

10. Make lists of things that I do that I didn't used to do.

Things I don't do that I used to do:

1. Go to church. Now I am the church...but sometimes I still wanna go.

2. Read deep books. Mainly plays lately.

3. Watch TV. Not so much, maybe 30 minutes a day.

4. Hang out at a coffee shop most of the day...oh yeah that reminds me of the next one...

5. Work (vocationally) for Apex, or any church for that matter.

6. Get really depressed. It's been a while.

7. Own a pet.

8. Constantly push my hair out of my eyes. I like it short.

9. Play golf. Maybe in 16 years...

10. Parent two pre-schoolers. Eli is now officially enrolled in Kindergarten.

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