Saturday, July 16, 2005

Auditioning Again

Things started to pick back up this weekend. Today I had two auditions. One was for a British Nissan commercial in which I would play an angry preacher. Humorous, if not ironic. The other was one of those typically odd experiences. A casting director called me at 10:30 this morning wanting me to be at a theater in Beverly Hills by 1:00. Not impossible, but it was 45 miles away. I made it in plenty of time. I was told that it was a TV show and that I was reading for a New York agent. None of that was true. I entered the theater to meet a very eccentric director named Floyd. (Turns out he was executive producer for a few major films including Dick Tracy.) He had me read for a part that was obviously from a stage play, so after the audition I asked what the project was exactly. "A musical" he said. I didn't tell him that I don't sing very well. "It's going up in Las Vegas at the Paris Casino." (Second case of irony today...Alanis would be so proud.)

There's pretty much no way we can move back to I didn't think much of it...then, of course, I got called back for Monday. I figure if they ask me to sing that will be the end of it anyway, but I should go so the guy remembers me. He did mention "other projects" he was casting, so you never know.

I have two more auditons tomorrow for big parts in small paying indie films. One pays $100 per day and the other (drum roll please) shells out $20 per day. I wouldn't normally go on that one, except that it is a comedy set in an elevator for a "Will Ferrell" type comic actor, and it shoots here in the OC...I couldn't resist.

They say that in acting, auditioning is the work and acting is the paycheck. If that is true, I started working again today. What sucks is that "work" pays exactly zero dollars per here's to hoping for a paycheck soon!

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