Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So here is my official pass to get onto the Disney/ABC studio lot tonight for my audition. The security guard told me that my meeting was in building 21 and gave me directions. Building 21, as it turns out, contains the offices for the shows LOST and ALIAS. I have to say it felt nice to audition there, considering some of the odd and creepy places where I have auditioned before. I knew that the audition was for a non-union short film that pays virtually nothing, so I was confused to say the least.

My reading went very well. They had me read five times, which is always a good sign. They asked me to hold a day next week for the shoot which, again, is a good sign. I found out later that they were writers for LOST, looking to make a film for a festival. Needless to say, I was impressed but tried really hard to not be. "I like that show," is all I said which is completely true even though I've only seen one episode. (I've been waiting to watch them in order on DVD.)

I spent the next fifteen minutes wandering around the studios since I had my official pass. I saw the cast scripts for the next Alias episode and Jennifer Garner's box of fan mail. I left feeling like I could work some place like that someday...and still knowing it may never come to that. Either way, it has been a fun story to be telling with my life.

More auditions tomorrow, Thursday and next week already confirmed. And in related good news: Debbie landed a part time job working with a catering company. Looks like she can help put food on the table while I drive all over LA to get jobs paying minimum wage. She will generally work weekend nights and the pay is great. I've never had a sugar momma before...she seems genuinely excited about it, which makes me very happy.

Tomorrow we will take our first family trip to the local IHOP, which was a regular Boyd tradition in Las Vegas. I will have scrambled eggs, extra crispy bacon and tomato slices because I am on day four of the South Beach Diet Phase One...what I wouldn't do right now for a bagel or a strawberry...


Alicia said...

I am sooooo excited for you!

Love and Miss you,

Sean said...

Joe Boyd... This is problematic... Your cell phone is no more..
I am moving to the Orange County area in January for good. I got a HUGE theater opportunity that I could not refuse and am on my way. So whaddya say? Want to hang out and pretend we are in the movie Swingers? We can be the "R" rated guys at the Dresden. Call me or email me..

Sean Critchfield

Joe said...


I am happy. I can't believe it. I was reading your blog yesterday and almost called to cry about how much I missed you. Yes...we will hang and I will take you to my hippie coffee shop, and if you aren't busy everyday you can ride with me into Hollywood so I can use the carpool lane.

Sean said...

AWESOME! It is on! Maybe I'll crash a few open calls with ya! SO, I can't wait to tell you about this great opportunity that has been dropped in my lap. Hit up my email, home-skillet, and slip me the digits on the D.L., my nizzy..