Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Move

We left Las Vegas on June 8 with what was left of our eartlhly possessions stored in Dave and Amy Carder's shed. (They may not know we did this since they are in Iceland, so thanks guys if you read this.) From there we jumped on an airplane and spent ten days in Indiana and another ten in Ohio. Family time was great, but the trip was definately shadowed by the fact that we did not have a home, or even a hometown, to return to.

Debbie and myself flew from Columbus to the OC Airport on June 30. I spoke that weekend at The Crossing church in Costa Mesa, where I will be teaching every Friday night at a Revocery meeting. They have five weekend services and I haven't spoken at something like that for more than two years. I felt a little rusty, but overall I felt "different" in a good way. God seems to have taken away much of my church angst, allowing me to be a teacher without having to worry about much of institutional church life that frustrates me. This has been a great blessing.

Anyway, the kids stayed in Ohio with my parents for a week while Debbie and I found an apartment (we haven't lived in one of those for about ten years!), drove back to Vegas and returned with our stuff. Sabrina came back with us to help us get our home settled. She was a great help. We went to Ikea, which is a few miles away, and spent our garage sale money on new furniture. It's probably the nicest furniture we've ever had, but I had to put it all together. It took a few days, but contrary to form, I did it all without much complaining.

The kids and Memaw Boyd arrived a week later to find their room ready for them. They have been excited, a little too excited at time for apartment living if you know what I mean. We've been to the beach twice. Newport Beach is about ten minutes away, and Laguna is about fifteen. Mom left two days ago and we have been "just the four of us" for the first time in five weeks.

Now its all about registering the cars, switching addresses and the like. I'm actually writing this blog to avoid the DMV this morning...but no matter what I do I'm afraid the time has come for that. I'm considering a new agent and have my first audition since moving here on Saturday. The commute into LA is about 40 miles, which is insane at times, but Costa Mesa felt like the right place to have a family after considering pretty much every community in LA county. I've driven into LA three times and so far it hasn't taken longer than an hour, but I've heard horror stories. Overall, we like it here. It feels right.

There is a coffee shop within walking distance of our house called The Gypsy Den. It's full of hippies, lesbians and artists. So I love it. It does seem just a little inorganic. (Like some old rich guy started a coffee shop to appeal to hippies.) But I'll ignore that for now and enjoy it.

Well, thanks for reading all of this. I plan on returning to regular blogging now that we are settled. We miss our friends, but are excited about the future...


Caught Up In Thought said...


Good to hear you're doing ok. Of course, we miss you. I miss Debbie's inspirational voice, & your Biblical musings--both left me longing for a deeper, more sincere relationship with Jesus.

116 degrees here today, dude. Don't you just long for that blow-dryer heat ("'s a dry heat...")? Of course you do!!!

I'll always cherish our morning prayers (you, Jim Nyberg, Doug & Cheryl, et al).

For now, know that I pray for God's profound blessing on you & the family. It hurts that you're no longer here...but you're never really "gone" then, are you? Only a few key-taps away.

I was born & grew up in Newport Beach. So it's a trip to hear that you're only 10 min. away!!!
In some wierd way, when I think of you all, what seems to come to my mind is the SoCal of decades ago (kind of like Vegas is now). So many in our nation were flocking to her...seeing her as this fertile garden of promise. Given the talents (and drive) Father has obviously blessed you with, I see you reaping much out of a few seeds. Always maintain a Christ-centered focus, and be fruitful.

Know that so many of us here "got yo' back"...whatever you might need, just tell us.

Take care for now...

Steve, Ivette, Gunnar & Trinity

Sherry said...

Thanks Joe for having your lesson on Luke for ears to hear. It was the right words at the right time.
Perhaps we will look you up on our way to San Francisco.
Praying for you and your family.
The Matheny clan