Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good Things.

After two weeks and giving up hope, I received a third callback for the feature film, The Metrosexual. They are supposed to start filming November 2, so we should be getting close to the final decisions. At first I was called in for a supporting role, then called back to read for the lead. This time they want to see me as the sidekick. I definately fit this character description better than the others. I've read the script and this character is in most of the movie...a very big part. That's Tuesday.

Also, the sit-com pilot that I mentioned earlier is progressing very well. They have pulled me into the writing and production meetings. I haven't signed a contract yet, but they verbally promised to make me a writer and co-producer...which could be a very big deal if it gets picked up, financially speaking. We have a writer's meeting tomorrow.


DC said...

wow. I'll pray that God blesses you and your work. Be sure to read Don Miller's Through Painted Deserts. It's a hoot. Love you.


dennis said...

The make-up girl that is working on my shoot interviewd to do make-up for "The Metrosexual". Small world. Hope you both get it!