Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things progress...

Nothing too exciting or devestating to report. School is going a little better for Eli it seems. My audition classes end this weekend and I can tell that I am auditioning better. Hopefully they will pay off, or at least pay for themselves, by helping book something soon. The sit-com progresses. We may shoot in two weeks. An OC based improv troupe has expressed an interest in me joining...which would be a nice return to the roots of it all. They want me to come watch them preform this weekend. I'm writing a bit more when I can find the time. Lots of creative plates spinning right now.

Debbie is at a rehearsal tonight for Lifelines, the recovery service. We have a band and sing the last friday of the month. It's also birthday night when people get chips for years of sobriety. I really enjoy those weeks.

For all of my talk about TV last blog I really only watch three shows every week: LOST, SNL and Commander in Chief. It kind of stinks that I like Commander in Chief so much because I would definately watch EARL and The Office which are on at the same time otherwise. When we are rich I will get Tivo. Then I can watch five shows a week.


Doogie said...

Joe - heya. I just found this blog. I heard you were doing acting now. I hope the sit-com pilot goes well. I am praying for you and your fam :) Please tell Debbie that Julie and I say "hey."

Robb said...

hey man- bob from the office. glad to see things are shaping up for the sitcom. haven't got to commander in chief yet. is it better than west wing (was)?

anyway, miss ya, man.