Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nearly Normal

The weeks are starting to develop a pattern, which is kind of nice. We are getting used to school and pre-school, though Eli has been experiencing some "bully" issues. Debbie has been working most everyday and enjoying it. I'm averaging about four auditions per week and seem to be working at least once or twice a month on something. The teaching is still a rewarding thing for me on Friday nights. So far so good with church as a whole. Being part-time is great. I have no desire to return full-time...actually less than ever, but it has been nice to use my teaching and leadership gifts on a regular basis.

I have an audition tomorrow for a small part in a feature film and I also have my third class at Margie Haber Studios. They have been good for me. I can feel some sort of breakthrough coming soon with them.

The state of Nevada sent us $275 because they ran a surplus last year and wanted to return some tax money. It almost made me want to move back. Almost. I promptly spent it on new brakes for the mini-van. There is nothing more exciting than getting unexpected money in the mail...and nothing quite so depressing as using it to fix a car.


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