Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tar Pits, Heaven and a Booking

Here we are at the La Brea Tar Pit Museum in LA this weekend. Memaw and Papaw Colbert were here and we had a nice visit, though I wasn't able to be around much at all the last two days. Monday I worked all day on a one-hour documentary for the History Channel called "Heaven." I played the father of a ten year old girl who died and came back to life a few minutes later. The project was very interesting considering my background and all. It should air the first of the year.

Today I had my first of eight classes at Margie Haber Studios. I'm pretty sure that it will be a good thing for me. I had a quick audition for a cell phone commercial after that and then drove back to the OC to meet with a producer/director who is making a TV pilot in the vein of The Office/The Comeback/Curb Your Enthusiasm. We had already spoken on the phone and he offered me a leading role after the interview. He's a music producer breaking into TV and the project sounds very fun. They want me to be a writer as well. It pays a little upfront, plus some on the backend...and it could be big if it gets picked up. They will be shopping it to Showtime, HBO, etc. I'm not banking on it being my big break...but I am excited to collaborate and work in my favorite genre-mockumentary.

I'm hoping for a third callback on the film that I read for last week. It seems within the realm of possibility. As always...we shall see.

Tomorrow is a virtual day of rest. Debbie will be working and I'll take care of the kids after school. Doug and Jennifer Parks are coming in Thursday which will be nice.

Well...I'm going to bed now. I've been up before 5:00 am two days in a row. Most of you know how rare that is...


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Amy said...

Mockumentary....hmmmm I saw this great little skit called "Corn Hole"......