Friday, November 11, 2005

I booked.

Finally! I actually booked the old fashioned way: through my agent. I have booked five projects since leaving Vegas but all of them were leads that I dug up myself, or someone who knew me throwing me a bone...thanks again, Gregg.

I booked a commercial for a video game (Age of Empires III) that shoots next week. I play a colonial British soldier...go figure. It is non-union, so no residual money but it is a definate monkey off my back. It's nice to think back to that full casting office and know that for some reason I was chosen. It means it can happen again.

I pre-spent some of the money on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." I took the boys to see it in the theater and they both loved it. They are watching it with Deb now. There is something about giving a gift to someone you love on a regular day...not Christmas or a birthday. It makes it more real.

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richt7212 said...

You'd better make sure you get the accent right! Please don't butcher it like a lot of your countrymen do!