Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lazy Saturday

Spent a few days in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and had a good time. We decided to drive back at midnight on Thanksgiving which was a good decision in terms of traffic, but my sleeping schedule is a little off.

Debbie has a big party that she booked today so I'm planning on taking the boys to see Chicken Little. It's always a crap shoot taking them to the movies. Sometimes they love it, but half of the time we leave early.

I taught at Lifelines last night from Romans 13. It was just one of those nights when it felt a little rough. I usually have five minutes to teach on Birthday night (the last friday), but I had 25 minutes this week. Just felt a little off, but I'm sure something good was happening underneath. I was a little sleep deprived and carb-hung over from Thanksgiving.

I'm excited about working next week. I don't really know what to expect. I also booked a little industrial video that shoots friday. So it looks like I will be on General Hospital Mon-Thurs then working again on Friday. I have an audition Tuesday for Punk'd on MTV as a series regular. (One of the guys who tricks the celebrities...) I hope that I can work it around my shooting schedule. I generally do very well at improv based auditions. One of the most frustrating things about it all is that everytime I book I have to pass up auditions. I think that's a big part of why it is so hard to work constantly as an actor.

I'm off to enjoy doing nothing...

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