Sunday, November 20, 2005

UFO's , Jessica, and a new car

Much has happenned since my last post. Nothing too major, but all the same...

I had the callback friday for the UFO series. Crossing my fingers on that one. It went well...not stellar, but well. Afterward I ran into Jessica Simpson at the Arc Light Theater bookstore. She was reading US weekly and talking to her mom on the cell phone about the story in the magazine being untrue. Rather surreal, but left me pretty much unphased.

The van is still in the shop, but it will only cost $300, which is good considering they quoted me anywhere between $200 and $2000...I have a rental pick up truck now which is quite the gas hog.

And...we went ahead and bit the bullet on the new car. Traded in the Montero after a solid five year run for a Toyota Corolla. Not a sexy car, but very practical and much better suited for my travels. The savings in gas will nearly pay for the car payment each month.

Today was one of the busiest days since moving here. I had three auditions in LA this morning. They all went very well and, though I rarely say this, I'm almost certain that at least one of them will call. They were smaller projects and the directors were present. If they don't come through, no big deal. But a few of them are multiple day shoots starting after Thanksgiving. After my auditions I taught at church for Tim and followed that with my first performace at The OC Crazies. Good times. Debbie and the kids came. Aidan said I was funny. Eli said it wasn't fun because he couldn't run in the theater. Fair enough.

Tomorrow I teach three more services and follow them with the monthly Lifelines leadership meeting at Steve's house...then, Lord willing, I sleep!


Sherry said...

Awesome to read how things are going. Don't you just love that you will always have honest reactions from your kids on the things you do? Keep up the great works Joe. We are proud of you.

Robb said...


what up. good luck on the ufo thing. if you get the show, we're getting cable so we can see you. you will love the corolla. not sexy, yes, but you will be strangely turned on when you realize that you're getting 30 mpg. make sure your shirt is untucked :-)
later, man
bob from the office