Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy Weekend, Possible House, New Baby (not ours)

I had a very busy weekend. Friday night I taught at Lifelines and then went to Debbie's office party. Saturday I had an all-day rehearsal and an evening performance in Santa Ana. Today was full of meetings. Most of the chaos was worthwhile, but I have enjoyed NOT doing anything for a few hours tonight.

Last week was slow, though I did audition and get called back for a Boston Market national commercial. I don't feel like I got it, but I'll know for sure by tomorrow afternoon. I have another commercial audition tomorrow for Ameritrade. The auditions have definately slowed down since I joined SAG. I was averaging about five a week and now it seems like two or three, but the difference is that all of them are for good paying gigs.

In other news, it looks like we may have found a house to rent across the street from where we are living now. It feels huge to us compared to our last few places, but I actually think it's a little smaller than our first house in Vegas. Still, it's 3BR/2 Bath and has a really big yard for the kids. It also means that both kids can attend the same school where Eli is now, which was important to us. It stretches us a bit financially, but it seems right. We should know for sure in a few days.

That's all for now...I should be an uncle again the next time I post...Debbie's brother Dave and his wife Sarah are delivering as we speak!

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Sherry said...

Miss you all!
Hugs to the boys!