Sunday, February 12, 2006

A remarkably uneventful week

I think that I am finally not least not very sick. That took forever to get over. I went to Boulder City this week for the film festival. It was good to see some old friends including Sean Critchfield, Dale and Darren. This week was the first week since August that I did not have one audition all week. That does things to a man. Makes you question everything. I did have one scheduled for today, but we were unable to work Debbie's work schedule to allow me the time to get to Burbank and back. I sent a very needy e-mail asking to reschedule...we'll see if they buy it.

No word from the big one last week. It seems right to assume nothing will come of it, but I did OK and maybe he will remember me someday. It's all about patience.

We've started looking for rental houses in the same school district we live in now. In the last four years our family has lived in five homes and the next one will be the sixth. I'm ready to live somewhere more than one year and I'm definately sure I don't want it to be this apartment. I'm sure it's very American and a little self-absorbed, but I'm ready to live somewhere with a back yard and a laundary room.

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