Friday, February 24, 2006

The House, etc

They have officially accepted our application and offered us the rental house across the street. It was a little iffy at the end. They were worried about the insecurities of our finances. Half of our income (Debbie's commissions and my acting work) is never sure or secure. There was about 30 minutes when it looked like we wouldn't get it. It was a little rough on my be a home owner for 8 years and then not be accepted as a renter does things to a man. But, they called back and said they felt good about us afterall.

So...we go over Sunday to inspect the house closer and sign the lease. We would move April 1,which means that, yet again, Debbie will be gone during moving day. She has this uncanny ability either be out of town or deathly ill when we move. Since it's so close though, I'm hoping we can gradually take things over and just move the big furniture on the first.

We're tired of moving. Since leaving our first home in Vegas less than four years ago we have lived in six different places. We hope to be in this house until we can afford to buy our that puts the over under at 18 years, but you never know...

In other news...I have a beard because I have an unwritten policy that I don't shave between auditions. I haven't had an audition since Monday.

But...things have opened up in other ways. It looks as though I may be writing and producing again. A friend of mine from Las Vegas has met a man who wants his life story turned into a feature film. It looks like there is already some money for it. I would write, co-produce and play the lead. It will be a period piece set in Las Vegas in the fifties surrounding a casino cheat. That's all we know right now. I'm going to interview the man in April and we'll go from there. Gerald Gordon would direct and much of the team from my last short would be involved, but it would be more in the $200,000 range. My guess is that if things come togehter quickly we could shoot in the fall.

A similar situation is developing with a feature comedy here in Orange County.

I've also been forcing myself to write regarding spiritual matters three days a week. It looks like something may come of it. Too early to tell.


Akash said...


I love that! You are the king of bloggers and what blogging should be all about.

With love and respect.

Sean said...

Do you know the name of the cheat?

Joe said...

Not sure older guy cause he was doing this in the 50's. I'm going to meet him in April.

Have fun down under...