Friday, February 03, 2006


I know that you are all waiting up tonight to get an update on the big audition. You're thinking if Joe really hits it big, I can hit him up for a few bucks...

Well, it went very well. I had probably done the scene 100 times before getting there and the one that actually counted was in the top 20 of all my efforts. Just a little nerves, but definately not as nervous as I was when I first started all of this.

I saw this guy: Mystery Guy. He said Hi.
I saw this person walking her dog. Mystery Gal.

Being at Paramount was pretty cool. Then I read for Jeff Greenberg, who is a veteran casting dirctor for shows like Cheers, Frasier, Wings, etc. He has several shows running now including According to Jim, Four Kings, Out of Practice, Stacked, etc...So even if nothing comes of this I think that I did well enough to help my cause to get guest-star auditions for those shows. It was definately an exciting day. Lots of real Hollywood moments. I actually was able to get there early and spent some time meditating on a park bench in the middle of Paramout studios. It's very strange where the paths of life lead a person.

After that I did the Kellogs audition which I don't think I will get, but William Shatner is in it and it would be nice to get an autograph for my Trekky Dad.

I guess that's all, here's to Hollywood and keeping the Prime Directive.


Garrett said...

Awesome, Joe. Keep going my friend. the maps says the "X" is just around the corner.


TammyD said...

That is just WAY COOL!!

Congrats Joe and I can't wait to see how BIG 2006 will be for you!!

Love, Tamer

Ryan said...

I just want a Hot Wheels car if you hit it big.