Saturday, February 23, 2008

E-Word and Second City

I should be finalizing preperations right now for what I'll be saying in a few hours at VCC. We are launching a new series on Evangelism, called "The E-Word." Our hope is to reclaim the word "Evangelism" from the fear, division and creepiness so often associated with it. I still haven't landed on exactly what stories to tell tonight. Thus, the writing of this blog to put off the decision a few more minutes.

After church tonight Debbie and I are going to see The Second City traveling show. I studied and worked with the Second City in Las Vegas. It's kinda like being a part of a fraternity, so tonight may be a little homecoming. I'm hoping someone I know is on the team, but I may be far enough out now that it will be a whole new crew.

Life is improvised. That's what I believe anyway. One great improv show can change the world.


Greg said...

Hey Joe
Been thinking about you a lot today. Then saw this post. God has brought this to my mind pretty frequently lately as well. Perhaps you're going to (or Holy Spirit is going to) say something that I might like to hear about it tonight? I'll have a listen online.

It is fascinating to me as I learn to release more of the agenda that I have for people around me to what God is asking me to do for them. (Which I have found is far less than what I used to think He wanted me to do...) :-) Yet recently I have been pondering the "Great Commission" and just how much initiative we take in the process.

My question publicly posed on this blog post was, "Should I have more of an urgent desire to help people know they are loved by their Father?" I guess that is what has been on my mind off and on a bit more than usual recently. Don't know if God is putting that there, or if it's my lingering desire to make sure I'm "doing enough" for God.

I think if we consider "salvation from Hell" or eternal (after death) life as the paramount concern in telling people the good news of the kingdom, then evangelism becomes a bit more important? Maybe urgent is a better word. But if we consider Jesus invitation to eternal life to be a always-on, intimate relationship with our Creator, Brother, Father, Friend, then it perhaps removes the urgency from the equation? (Though the latter seems to me something much more worth "spreading".) :-)

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what God is teaching you on the subject. :-)

Helen Ann said...

I couldn't agree more..."LifeIsImprov" is one of my IM nicknames...And it's sooo true!

I'll be sending prayers and improv vibes your way tonight at church!