Friday, February 08, 2008

Prof. Banjo Boyd

I was invited to guest teach for two different Public Speaking classes today at the Art Institute of Cincinnati. It was fun to teach in that environment about storytelling, teaching, comedy, etc. They let me show a ten minute clip from one of my messages at The Vineyard. Both classes ended with some students doing some Improv with me. They all did very well considering they had never tried it before.

It was good on many levels - good to be in the real world and with aspiring artists in an academic setting. I also found it a worthy challenge to talk about preaching in a non-Christian environment. Also, there's nothing like showing a sermon to a room full of college students outside of the church setting to see what works with non-church people and what doesn't. The day was fascinating.

On a side note, everyone at work has taken to calling me Banjo. I'm not sure why really, but it is an organized and deliberate attempt to nickname me. It feels a little less than organic, but I will answer to it for the first week to see where it goes from there.


bshawise said...

I'd pay four or five bucks to see the country western musical thriller Banjo Boyd and the Ragtag Rebellion. you know... if it ever came to the dollar theater.

ylmurph said...

I'd think it would have dueling banjos as the soundtrack, but then not use the banjo as an make them think... banjo?

Helen Ann said...

This reminds me - keep me in the loop on that improv group you mentioned a while back. I'm busy as all get out but I'll make time! :)