Sunday, February 10, 2008


The WGA strike is about to end. It's made me think more about writing. I'm a writer. I think I might even be a good writer. I've never been a professional writer though. I've had a few things published and a few screenplays in various stages of production, but those things feel like strange spurts of creativity vs. a lifestyle of writing.

I used to hang out some at different coffee shops in Hollywood. They are all full of writers. The same guys and gals were there everyday. Laptops open and typing away. Most of them are probably more "aspiring" than working, but they all have something that I lack as a writer: they write. Everyday. For hours.

I was calculating last night that if I had written five pages per week since moving to Ohio I would have completed one screenplay by now. It might not have been the best thing ever, but it would be done. I've always lacked that sort of discipline as a writer. This post is some mixture of confession and invitiation. I'm going to commit to write five pages per week for the rest of the year. For me, this is probably only a 1-2 hour/week commitment. It seems so easy, but historically it has been difficult for me. I'm not going to try to write the great american novel or screenplay or memoir. I'm just going to write. I may start all of those things and jump back and forth between them. I just want to start a new habit and see what emerges.

If you want to join me, let me know in the comment section. Maybe we can set up a facebook group to hold each other accountable. If some locals join in, maybe we could meet once a month to encourage each other. Just some thoughts...let me know if it strikes you as interesting. Hah. "Strikes" you. That sort of bookends this post, so I'll stop writing now so I can start writing elsewhere...


Helen Ann said...

I'm in! I'm soo close to finishing a script that has been in the works for years.

I'm lallygagging here at this point because I think

A) I'm scared of finishing and taking the next steps of putting together production plans.

B)It will be sad to not be toiling with these characters anymore they have been with me so long!

C) because I am sincerely struggling with the way to pull the major pints of the story together.

God has been throwing encouragement my way alot in the last couple of months. I have no doubt this is another one of those encouragements!


A Facebook group would be fab. It will give me reason to stay on that site which is starting to ride my nerve train!

Maureen said...

Joe, I'm in as well! I'm a writer/editor and have been attending VCC for 6 years. I currently am in a small group (led by Micah) that comes up with questions based on each message, for use by the church's entire small groups; the questions are posted online.

Love the Facebook concept and meeting once in a while to connect.

Sherry said...

I'm in too, although I have no idea what facebook is and no way of ever getting together to hang out since I am here in the San Fran area. I write a lot though and have always thought about writing a book. I even have a few stories started that I could choose to work on or not.

This should be interesting since I am currently in school and keeping two journals as well. But what the hell, just jump in and see where the hole goes right? Isn't that how Alice did it?

dyah kartikawening said...

I'm so glad the writers' strike was over. So that they can eat again. I was trying to do Nanowrimo ( for a couple of years but always fails. But five pages per week sounds challenging. Though mine will not be something like a script..will post them on the blog as a separate tag.

We're so glad you're here, not in LA.

I will join the facebook group if you create one.