Friday, February 29, 2008

Seriously, I brush my teeth a lot

For the second time in twelve months one of my teeth fell out of my mouth. This time it was more of a cap, but still. I've had two root canals in my life. One earlier this year (when the first tooth fell out mid-hamburger) and another one about four or five years ago. The one from a while back gave way this week and plopped right out of my mouth while chewing gum. Now there is a strange toothless hole in the back of my mouth. The dentist can't get me in until next week - this happened last weekend.

Since then I have been on a two-day planning retreat to plan the 08-09 teaching calendar for VCC, taught at midweek and performed a little improv gig. All while toothless. I'm finally old enough to just start losing body parts willy nilly.

Speaking of improv, I have become a fan of the TV show 10 Items or Less on TBS. It's an improvised comedy similar to The Office.

Tomorrow will be my first day in several weeks to just hang out with the family and much as one can relax with a huge divot where his tooth used to be.


Anonymous said...

After listening to your message from a couple weeks ago I opened a devotional that I have been reading and the scripture for that day was about winning souls. The phrase that stood out to me was actually quite simple.

**Evangelism can be as subtle and as powerful as a teary friend asking you, "How do you do it? You seem so 'okay.'" And you take a deep breath, and you tell her the Truth.**

What is happening in my life at any given moment can be the most effective "e" tool God gives to me and yet how often I have said to someone that I am doing just fine. I miss the opportunity to introduce them to that radical Jewish Rabbi that takes my face between his hands everyday and says "I love you, don't look back, follow me." I'm not okay, my imposter, my other self tells a different story, that I can handle what life throws at me just fine, thank you very much.

That is a lie. The Truth sometimes stings and it humbles me, but it can convey a message to someone else that can change their path for eternity. I am choosing Truth over comfort, one day at a time (how Recovery of me).

By the way, lots of weird things happen to your body as you age. At about 50 you may begin to feel like a semi tractor trailer heading down a mountain pass without brakes. Fortunately they have those runaway truck pits with the gravel to slow you down - I think that could be plastic surgery.

Anonymous said...

On a Thursday a few weeks ago I broke a tooth on a mint. Yes, I was crunching it rather than sucking on it. And just two days later I broke a second tooth on a rice cake!! A RICE CAKE! Geez. So at the age of 42 my teeth are falling apart. I blame the braces I had to wear for 4 years! :-)