Thursday, July 24, 2008


I spoke a few blogs back about being tired. I am thoroughly surprised at how tired I am. It's not tired like I want to sleep or even waste a night in front of the TV. I'm idea tired. Maybe it's a full year of writing messages, screenplays, stage plays, videos, strategic plans and stories. Perhaps my current level of creative exhaustion has something to do with the amazing level of creative freedom I have been given lately. New ideas are normally the most exciting thing you can throw my way, but for the last two weeks they haven't done it for me. New ideas have been bouncing off me as if they were made of rubber. To be honest, writing this blog is a bit of a chore tonight. And as you can probably tell already, it's not even that great of a post. There is no way this is getting into my blog post hall of fame five years after I retire from blogging. But, alas, at least it's honest.

This coming weekend should be my last great creative burst before some time away. I can already foresee some excitement in the next run this fall. If I were Brett Favre I'd retire and come back in three weeks...but as it is, I'll just take a vacation.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks for the message yesterday. Hope your vacation inspires and rests you.