Monday, July 21, 2008

Here and There.

I had a great time at Southbrook Christian Church this weekend. It was fun to see our old friends Shawn and Amy Case, as well as Fred Brooks and his family from my home church in Worthington. I think I've had six or seven speaking engagements since moving to Cincy. It has all been part of the strange journey this year - thrown back into vocational ministry with a little whiplash to prove it. I have always enjoyed finding that ebb and flow between being grounded in a local community and visiting other places from time to time. It gives you a broader perspective on the state of the church and, at least it my case, stirs up my passion for life on the homefront.

Next week we'll wrap up The Lord's Prayer series at VCC. I'm looking forward to that too. And...speaking of the homefront, Dave's new book, The Outward Focused Life, is now available. Check it out below:

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Sarah said...

No way! I grew up with Shawn Case (well, with his whole family essentially)! :)