Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation Awaits

As a general rule of thumb, when you don't have a "real job" you can't take a "real vacation." Two ways of thinking about that I guess. Since I was primarily freelancing for the last five or six years, we could never really leave town for an extended period of time. The upside to the downside was that whenever work slowed down, I'd find free time to hang with the family or do whatever. Life was full of mini-vacations.

Things are different now. I'm hitting the eleven month mark at VCC and starting to feel one-year tired. (I've found that there are different levels of tired - one-day tired, one-week tired, ten-years tired.) They all require different forms of rest to recover from. One-year tired is best solved with a few weeks of doing none of things that caused you to be tired in the first place...and that's what we are doing. Our first real vacation since the kids were babies. It all starts Aug. 5 and I will be completely ready for it.

Before then, I have three more weekends to teach and a few dozen meetings to attend. This week I'm up at Southbrook Christian in Dayton and then we wrap up the Kingdom Cliffsnotes series at VCC the following week. I'm hoping to finish strong and rest hard when it's over. (And then come back...the best vacations are about two days too long so that you want to come back.)

Hope you find some rest this summer too...

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