Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Deb.

Fourteen years ago today I married the most beautiful, kind, true and forgiving person I have ever met. I was 21. She was 20. We were just kids. We didn't know the first thing about anything, with one possible exception. We had learned a thing or two about marriage. Unlike so many of our friends, we were both blessed with parents who found a way to never give up on marriage. We grew up surrounded in the security of a loving mother and father who not only loved their children, but also genuinely loved and served each other. Fidelity is in our genes.

I tell people all the time that Debbie has been married to four different guys with the same social security number. Most gals would have given up on a guy like me at some point. God knows that I have given up on myself again and again. But she hasn't. She has an amazing capacity to see what I can become in spite of what I currently am. She embodies grace and hope. She's a great mom, and my boys will grow into men who know how to love and be loved because she is their mother.

Fourteen years into the journey, and I'm still that guy trying to figure out who I really am. I don't know if or when I'll find all my answers, but I am confident that when I do, Debbie will be there loving and supporting me the same way she as for the last 5,110 days. She's the one thing in my life that i never doubt...she's the most real thing I know and I love her.

Happy Anniversary, Deb.


tmichaelcart said...

Great Post, Brother. I appreciate your heart. My wife and I have also been married 14 years and some change. I was 21, she was 19. Here is a post I wrote about my 14 years of marriage:

John Arns said...

Wonderful tribute !!

Happy 14th Anniversary Joe and Debbie.

Christopher Day said...

Beautifully said, Joe. You two are very fortunate. Hold on. Hold on with everything you've got. Always.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Happy 14th to both of you!

Stacey said...

Aww, congratulations!

This really inspired me. Now I'm feeling a little more hopeful that marriages can last.

Have a wonderful anniversary, and a happy new year!

yul meade said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you two!

Liz & i celebrated 14 years in '08 too.

Blessings and prayers continually,


jasondscott said...

Heh Joe. Having only met your lovely wife, i instantly loved her. She is amazing, i only wish we lived closer to you both. Your words brought a tear to my eye. You are a lovely man. Start planning your trip over ... we're ready for ya!! Chelle

Mo said...

Joe, this was beautiful. As lucky as you are to have Debbie, I'm sure she's counting her blessings for having you in her life. Happy Belated Anniversary! I'm blaming it on the swift internet connection I have in North India. :)