Tuesday, August 13, 2002

A Normal Story

Today is a sad day. It will pass soon. On sad days I read my stories that I wrote on other sad days...for some reason that helps. Here is a normal story...

In another time and another place there was a village. The village was quaint and noble. Most everyone in the village would seem quite normal and kind to us. They all had normal families, normal jobs and normal habits. They ate normal breakfasts and took normal vacations. They had normal dinner parties and normal school dances and normal post offices. As a matter of fact, the name of the village was Normalville. There was only one thing in the whole village that we might consider abnormal…the people. To be quite specific, their faces would not be normal to you and me. You see, every normal person in Normalville had one mouth, one nose, two ears….and three eyes.

There was nothing more normal in Normalville than a three-eyed person. Two eyes placed right where you would expect, and a third eye planted square in the middle of their foreheads. It was this third eye that was the pride and joy of every normal person in Nomalville. Some had green eyes, others had blue, but everyone from the oldest man to the youngest girl had three…it was simply normal.

Now it came to pass that an evil witch who lived on the top of Mt. Normal had devised a most devious and evil spell. Her plan was to destroy the normal ways of Normalville by making every normal person…abnormal. For years she quietly and wickedly planned her attack. Until one exceptionally normal day when she unleashed her abnormal spell into the gentle breeze and rendered every normal person in Normalville blind in one eye.

It was a most tragic, abnormal day when every normal person in Normalville was blinded. The spell was so potent that the third eye of every person simply disappeared without a trace or without a mark. For years they cried and screamed and questioned why they had become abnormal so quickly. Generation after generation, century after century they searched for the reason for their abnormality.

Many years after the tragic event, there was no one left who had ever seen a normal person with three eyes. Everyone in Normalville had now grown accustomed to being people with two eyes. It was, after all, normal. But the people weren’t happy. As a matter of fact, every normal person in Normalville was only sad all the time. The doctors tried to cure the sadness, the philosophers tried to explain the sadness and the entertainers tried to cover up the sadness, but to no avail. Because, you see, something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t normal at all. Until one day, a most abnormal thing happened.

A little baby was born to a most normal two-eyed lady. And you guessed it! The baby had three eyes! All the mother could do was weep because her baby was so abnormal. The people grew so disgusted and frightened by this three-eyed baby that they had him killed “for the normalcy of Normalville”. It was too abnormal to look at…to abnormal for Normalville.

To this day, no other babies have been born with three eyes. And coincidentally, to this day no normal people in Normalville have been able to cure their sadness. Some have even started to say that being sad is just part of being normal.

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