Thursday, August 15, 2002

Palmer's Rant

I have a church planter friend named Palmer in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I want to share an entry from his blog because its what i would have written today if i had the guts...

"I start simple churches; rather God starts simple churches and I do what I can to help. I do not want to help God start simple churches anymore, but when I try to stop, I can't. What I want to do is write a book, or be on the cover of whatever the newest, edgiest ministry magazine is this week. And I wouldn't mind being on TV, but only long enough to tell people that this will be my only appearence, because I'm too "indie" and "underground" to do public appearances. And I want to be invited to speak at the next "Emerging Church" conference. I could do a talk about "The Emerging Church And How It's Better And Stronger And Faster In Every Way Than How Church Has Always Been Done". And I want people I don't know from LA and NY and Chicago to call me on my cell phone while I drive to my next appointment and ask me to fly to their city and tell them how to do church and then they'll give me a lot of money, but I'll say "I don't need that. I live the simple lifestyle." But they'll insist and so I'll take it. And they'll tell all their apostolic friends about me, and then they'll link my blog to their blog so that the same scenario can happen all over again. And I want to be recognized. And I want to be thought highly of. And I don't want to be a nobody and I don't want to be a nothing and I don't want to die to my self and apparently I don't want to follow the Jesus of the Gospels either.

So I start simple churches. But apparently that's trendy now, too. So maybe if I start lots of these churches, I can call it a network, and I can still do all of the above...

Damn my ego to hell."

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