Thursday, August 21, 2003

Build it out of gopher barky barky...

A few days ago our city was flooded. To be accurate, about 2 square miles of our city flooded. The rest didn't even get wet. Which would be somewhat less than interesting, except that two very important families to me live in the flooded area. The Carders and the Stokes.

Gregg, Heidi and the girls have been bunking at our house until they can get back into their place. When I came downstairs this morning Heidi was sewing a dress for Kelly for the show tomorrow. I hated that she couldn't be relaxing in her own home, free of mud and mold. But I also secretly loved waking up with her in the house. It's addictive...having your friends nearby. It's like a drug. I don't even remember saying hello to Heidi as I left the house, but I remember feeling lucky to be close enough with them that they would stay at our house in a pinch.

So...I'm going over there now to see if I can use this free hour to shovel some mud out of their living room. If you know the Stokes or the Carders, please contact them to see what you can do to help. They both have the tendancy to help more than be we have to make them let us help them.

FYI-28 hours, 15 minutes until Five Dollar Funny opens!

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