Monday, August 04, 2003

No Business Like Show Business

I love telling stories. It, as best as I can discern, is what I was put here to do. It's my unique contribution to the beauty and chaos of creation. I like live theater as a form of storytelling. As a performer, it is my favorite way to tell stories. What I have yet to decide is if I like promoting my theatrical events. Part of it is fun, part of it is very awkward and vulnerable: "Hey, you don't know me, but come see this show I'm in...and, oh yeah, give me money for the ticket."

Until we are a big enough deal that I can sit in a dark room and be creative while some salesman drums up audience members, it is my lot to promote. Here's the truth: This show is going to be good.

All of this to let you Las Vegans know that you can now purchase tickets for Five Dollar Funny, a sketch comedy and improvisation show, online at Also, if you are interested in helping your buddy Joe promote this thing, let me know and I can get you whatever you need.

Break a leg.

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