Sunday, August 03, 2003

We had church last night

I am recovering this morning from our open house yesterday. I have no idea how many people came, but it had to be over 100 throughout the entire day. It was good to see old friends and meet new ones. God has really blessed us with an amazing extended family. By 11:00 pm the crowd was down to Sia, the Stokes and the Petersons. Debbie and the kids were already in bed. It was then, after it was less chaotic, that I grew thankful.

Sometimes I look at my really close friends...and I feel the same way that I do about my lovely wife. I wonder what they see in me. I wonder why they choose me to hang out with. I find myself feeling proud and honored to live my life beside them.

This, I think is life in the Kingdom. Life in the Family. I think this is Church....the called out ones...the divine assembly...the life like no other. Most people couln't see it, but I could.

The hymns were the voices of the children.

The sermon was a large house shared by 12 people.

The offering was given and recieved. Gifts coming in, soda and burgers going out.

The eucharist was beer and hummus.

The prayers were silent, but audible. "Thank you God for this family."

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