Thursday, August 14, 2003

Creator. creators.

Creating sounds so fun and easy. It is often fun. Not always easy. Yesterday I watched Dale, Sia, Doug, Kenny and Kelly work for over six hours on what wll amount to less than one minute of a film project for Five Dollar Funny. Today I know that Kenny is working hard on promotional stuff for the show, and I know that I have logged many extra hours over the last few weeks. Sean has been at rehearsals nonstop for a month. Heidi is throwing herself into a dance number that will be over and done in five minutes. Gregg is going to log hours in front of his computer to edit a video that will make people laugh for a moment. The rest of my friends are memorizing lines and giving up evening after evening to create one huge piece of art with their friends.

Creating is hard. What are the options though? Not creating? Please. C'mon people. What kind of life is that? Like everything worthwhile in life, art is that confusing mixture of romance and repulsion...ecstacy and and pain. As for me, I choose the life of an artist not because it is easy or practical or profitable or respectable. I am an artist because I cannot imagine not being one. I am an artist because my God is an artist. It's how I worship.

On a practical note, if you would like an sneak peek at the improv team performing at the show, drop by the "Art and Coffee" this Saturday at 6:00. I'll be performing there with my Second City friends. (NE corner of Alexander and Tenaya)

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