Friday, February 20, 2004


I have been able to spend a lot of time with people that I usually don't get to hang out with much...mainly because they are the kind of people who hang out until 2am. The last few nights were spent with my castmates after the show. I finally feel completely included in the community there. There are lots of new people coming in so I'm no longer introduced as the new guy.

Tonight I am going to see Etta James with my friend Vel and her dad. Tomorrow I will be going to LA with Tommy unless I get a call that I have work here. (I auditioned for a commercial that shoots tomorrow and they liked me but wanted me to cut my they may have passed on me.)

Either way...I'm just saying that I am blessed to have so many new and old friends. (Today I slept through breakfast with my oldest friends for the second week in a row...which sucks. 7am is getting earlier and earlier for me these days.)

I miss my three best friends though...they will be back Sunday.

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