Saturday, February 28, 2004

Muted Apostle

Looks like Debbie and the boys are getting sick now. That seems to be the pattern. I get sick and get nearly well and then give it to them...then they can give it back to me in a few weeks. We are a very sharing family...that's good at least.

I'm afraid to see The Passion. My housemates saw it tonight. Some of my castmates are going to see it Sunday night after the show and they invited Debbie and myself. I will see it, but not this weekend. I'm glad that it was made and that so many people are being exposed to the story. I guess my deal is that it is my story. If someone made a movie about my father or wife or friend or son....and the movie was about the real way that that person was tortured and died...I wouldn't see it on opening weekend. I'd want the world to know about their pain, but I wouldn't want to live it again. I hear so many people talking about Jesus these days and I feel like they are talking about some famous person that I happen to know. Most of the time I just stay out of the conversation. It's a strange time to follow Jesus. So many of his followers are opting to be so loud right now. I've been loud enough in years past. I will be silent and look for the Resurrected One in the poor, the mundane and the casual.

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